In my feels

I know you aren’t in love with me anymore – there is no passion in your kisses – you could care less about loving on me. I know you cheated on me with someone in 2018 and it started sometime around end of Sept or Nov – I don’t know who or why but that was when things began to change. I wish you had ended things I told you a million times I wanted to be with someone who shares my feelings – I know you care about me but you don’t love me anymore it’s obvious in how you treat me just like I told you this morning – you jump on ANYTHING I do wrong or stupid and rarely compliment me on anything. You never tell me I’m pretty anymore or sexy. I’m going to stay with you until you get going because I promised you I wouldn’t leave you down here w nothing and I won’t and then I’m leaving. I don’t know WHY you chose to do this with me instead of the person you really want whoever that is – I’m pretty sure it has to do w Shaye and that’s not right because she’s gonna grow up and choose someone that isn’t affectionate and doesn’t show her he loves he cuz that’s how you treat her mother

In my feels

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